Monday, April 12, 2010

MyWords - Firefox Plugin

Have you ever noticed yourself typing same words in phrases over and over again in your forum messages and blog comments?

MyWords is a handy extension that helps save your time by making your favorite words and phrases always available just a few mouse clicks away.

+ Save any number of your favorite words and phrases, use xml import and export functionality to transfer your word database between computers.
+ Select the phrase you just typed and use right mouse click to access "MyWords" menu and add it ("+") to your favorite words database.
+ Right mouse click in any text input area and select one of your saved words to paste at current cursor position.
+ Use shortcut (default Alt+W, can be changed by using setup screen) to either:
- at a start of a input line: paste the last favorite phrase you have just used again,
- or, after you typed first few letters, auto complete your phrase with one best fitting from your saved phrases database.

Works with Firefox: 1.0+ – 3.7a4pre
Updated March 26, 2010
Developer Kitya Karlson

Download Link